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San Antonio Traffic Ticket Attorney

Defense Lawyer for Traffic Offenses in South Texas

If you have received a citation for a serious traffic offense, or you have a series of speeding tickets, you are facing some very severe consequences. If you are convicted you will likely lose your legal right to drive, experience higher insurance rates, and incur the costs of paying exorbitant fines. At my firm, the Law Office of J. Blake Etheridge, PLLC, I know exactly how to operate within the system for my clients and fight to defend against traffic tickets of all types. When you pay a ticket, you are essentially admitting guilt. Once you have gotten a traffic ticket, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from the high cost of fines, insurance and the potential of a suspended or revoked driver's license is to contact me, Attorney Blake Etheridge, to move into action on your behalf. I know the system and am very qualified to defend you and fight for any possible opportunity to help you avoid the consequences of a conviction.

Have you received a traffic ticket in South Texas? Call my firm at once!

If you need an attorney to help you with traffic ticket defense, I would like to speak with you. I know exactly how important it is to you and your family that you don't lose your license or face high insurance rates, and I know how to manage these cases and help you fight back. Whether you are facing charges for careless driving, or you are facing issues involved with commercial drivers' licenses (CDL) , or you need representation to protect your legal right to drive at DMV hearings, I can help.

Some people are facing legal problems for a charge involving driving while suspended, drunk driving, or operating their vehicle with an expired license. These are actually quite serious legal issues that require an aggressive defense lawyer to take action immediately. There are frequently opportunities to reduce or dismiss charges, particularly when I get involved early on in the case. If you are pursuing an expungement, I can evaluate your situation and advise you how quickly we can achieve getting your earlier convictions sealed. If you are facing charges involving no valid registration, reckless driving, or you have a number of speeding tickets that could lead to a suspended license, I should get involved in defending your case immediately.

Those who are considering traffic school as an option need to know that once you pay your fine and attend traffic school, you are admitting that you were guilty. There are other options, such as defending against the charges, and I can help. I can assist you if you have traffic warrants and can help you avoid the DPS surcharges you could incur if you try to manage these issues without legal help. I serve those facing traffic tickets throughout the communities of Selma, Schertz, Jourdanton, Pleasanton, Floresville, Karnes City, Pearsall, Cotulla, Hondo, Uvalde, and Seguin.

Contact a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer from my firm for the skilled defense you need.

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